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Can an architect work as a property valuer?

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Yes, an architect can be a property valuer. But if you want to know how they can be – then read ahead. Basically, these are the two completely different professions. Both professions have their own roles and responsibilities and working

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Know which property types are least favourite for the banks and lenders


Banks and money lenders are the ones who provide the money to buy your dream home or property. It is a very sensitive matter to think about because if lender or bank approves the loan application then you can buy

This property inspection checklist will surely help you before property valuations

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Property valuations, an important part to be done before buying or selling the property. The process is easy to hire a property valuer and ask to inspect your subject property to find the right market value of your property. But

Some real facts about real estate property market


Real estate property is consist of property, land, and buildings. Real estate property value is estimated by an expert property valuers which helps owners, buyers, sellers, when where one should make the investment in real estate property. There are four

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Know the importance of the property valuation and its methods

Thinking of property valuation is like a big expenditure? Then you are completely wrong. It is an investment knowing the actual value of your property which is beneficial for you from various aspects. Whether you want to sale the property,