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How to request a rent reduction

Victoria has suffered the worst impact from the Coronavirus lockdowns, with the state’s capital, Melbourne going into a stage 4 lockdown on the 2nd of August. The state has not yet come out of lockdown which has had significant economic

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It’s easy to find a dream home now. Read how?

residential / commercial property valuations Melbourne

Home comes under one of the basic needs of a person. Buying a home is every one’s dream. Home not only provides you shelter but owning a home gives you a sense of satisfaction and often considered as status symbol

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Know what real estate investor needs to know

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Here is the good news for real estate investors. Those who are in the search of what a real estate property investor – should know? or what is essential for them to know? Here we are trying to help the

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Which one to choose while looking for a rental home: City or Suburb

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Rental homes give you an ease to relocate. As relocation grants you an opportunity to live in a new place, in a new community. So while finding the new rental home the thing that pops in the mind of tenants

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Can an architect work as a property valuer?

property settlement valuations

Yes, an architect can be a property valuer. But if you want to know how they can be – then read ahead. Basically, these are the two completely different professions. Both professions have their own roles and responsibilities and working

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