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Well, if you are planning to sell your home then you must know which factors affect your home’s price. Usually, you do a lot of efforts to increase the value of your property. You can hire a home valuer for home valuation services and know the exact value of your property. Here we are going to reveal some untold truths and lesser-known facts about the property price.

Know the difference - It’s vital to understand that price and value is two separate terms with different meanings. Property value is the worth of the property in the market and the property price is the money which buyer pays to buy the property. One can find the property value higher than the property price and visa-versa.

Facilities - While buying a home the buyer looks for the amenities and accessibility to the places like bus station, airport, local market, shopping centers. People are ready to pay more price for such services. The facilities like a lush green garden in the patio, solar panel, big garage space, extra bathroom, proximity to bus stop and places makes the house more valuable and people can give more price of the property.

Curb appeal - How your property looks from the street? Matters a lot. People like to get a home with good infrastructure which is attractive and well-maintained both at the same time. The good curb appeal can increase the value of the property to a higher extent. And thus having a home with good curb appeal helps you to get the more price of the property.

Location and neighborhood - Surrounding matters a lot. Where your home is located? The prime location, city area homes get more price as they are close to the local market, shopping hubs, workplaces which increases the price of those properties. The homes in the outskirts and suburbs are usually of low price as compare to homes in a prime location. The homes which are near the schools and hospitals are in the buyer’s demand. Thus higher the demand of the home higher the price will be.

The condition of the building - Buyer checks the strength and durability of the building. Nobody wants to buy the property which is old, shattered and shabby. The building with freshly painted, well-maintained, insects free, with appropriate light and air ventilation makes it a perfect choice for buyers and thus one can get the high price of the home.

Development in nearby areas - If any development is going to take place in your nearby area as the development of a new commercial building, shopping mall, bus stand for public transportation it puts direct impact on property price and increases the market value of your home to a large extent. Which makes buyers give the high price of your property.

View from the home - Everyone likes to watch beautiful greenery, picturesque view from the home’s window. As it gives a sense of relaxation and calmness. A home with beautiful nature’s view, beach view, Sunrise view, Sunset view fetches more price in comparison to the one which is having a blocked view.

These are the facts which puts the direct impact on the property price and has power to increase or decrease the property’s price. You can also hire a home valuer to know the actual market value of your home.

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