Property Valuations for Rent Review/Rental Determination

What is a Rental Review/Rental Determination?

A rental review usually occurs during the renewal of a Lease. Most Leases contain a clause that allows a rental review at the commencement of the renewal. This is usually a standard process in commercial properties, however, can also be the case for residential properties. A rental review takes into account an up-to-date review of the current market value to determine an updated rental value.

During times in which the landlord and tenant disagree on the rental value, a rental determination can be completed by an independent valuer. A rental determination will take into account the conditions of the property, comparable Leases and the location to determine that the rent reflects the true worth of the property based on the current fair market value.

How Can We Help?

As an independent property valuation company, our certified property valuers ensure that all reports reflect the current fair market value. We are registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) and can provide an impartial report that will lead to a fair decision.

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