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Providing advice since 1997, Valuations VIC are Registered Property, Plant & Machinery and Business Valuers based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our valuers can provide you with independent residential property valuations, commercial property valuations, specialised property valuations, property consultancy and general property advice throughout Melbourne and the greater metropolitan area. Valuations VIC is an independent company that provides property valuations and consultancy relating to all property types.


Our Property Valuers are familiar with your area and where necessary will explain recent sales and the property valuation process.

We provide our valued clients with independent residential property valuations, commercial property valuations, specialised property valuations, property consultancy and general property advice in Melbourne and the greater metropolitan area including, Melbourne CBD, Brighton, Camberwell, Dandenong, Glen Waverly, Geelong and Warragul. We provide valuations for a wide variety of property types, such as:

We are the leaders in property valuation and advisory services and our reports can potentially save you thousands of dollars, like we continue to do on a daily basis for our valued clients. We offer expert opinion for a wide range of real estate related purposes that can legally be relied upon and give you the advantage and confidence in your property decision. We don't sell property and are not real estate agents. We are property valuers and advisors offering professional property services at an agreed fee to you, therefore you can be confident that the advice we provide it completely independent and unbiased.

Why use our services?

Our reports give you CONFIDENCE in property-decisions Our reports can potentially SAVE YOU MONEY Our reports are LEGALLY RECOGNISED and API COMPLIANT

Our property valuers and advisors

Our valuers are fully registered associate members of the Australian Property Institute (API) and are Certified Practicing Valuers (CPV's). This simply means they have undergone all the rigorous training and work experience requirements set by the Australian Property Institute (API) and are currently advising clients on a day-to-day basis. This commitment to excellence insures our clients are receiving only the best advice. These days there is abundance on information freely available on the web. Unfortunately more and more people are doing their own research and resort to making life-changing decisions without seeking the proper professional advice. This can often lead to avoidable mistakes and costing the individual more money in the long run for the sack of a small valuation fee. Professional interpretation and opinion on market data is now available, affordable and should be used prior to all major property decisions.

Our valuation reports

Valuations VIC valuers offer a range of property valuation reports for vast array of purposes. Our range of valuation reports will meet your requirements for stamp duty, capital gains tax, family law and market valuation purposes. We have property consultants that specialise in residential, retail, commercial and industrial real estate throughout Melbourne and are rapidly growing our coverage. Our reports are done in accordance and within the guidelines of the Australian Property Institute.

What is a certified property valuation?

A certified property valuation is a legally certified document that aims to ascertain the fair market value of a bject property for a variety of purposes. A property valuation can only be conducted by a certified independent valuer and can be completed on any property type.

Seeking out a certified property valuation can be used for either private or formal use and can come in handy when requiring an unbiased report based on quantitative data. As such, a property valuation can provide a detailed analysis on any subject property and the local property market.

When is a property valuation needed?

A property valuation is required for any kind legislative, legal, or statutory purpose that requires an objective analysis on the subject property. It is also required for taxation compliance, government applications, and a variety of other purposes.

A property valuation offers an independent, unbiased analysis of any subject property and will meet any kind of legislative requirements for a number of governing agencies. In turn, a property valuation can only be performed and signed off by a certified valuer to ensure complete compliance, fairness, and transparency.

What are the benefits of seeking out a certified property valuation?

A certified property valuation provides a comprehensive analysis that will provide assurance and help minimise risk over a variety of purposes. A property valuation can be used either for formal matters such as compliance and court submissions, or for private use as a way to create certainty and inform decisions.

In any case, a certified property valuation is completed by an independent valuer without any kind of agenda or bias with the sole purpose of determining fair market value. As such, it will provide an exclusive insight into any subject property and its local property market.

What is an API certified property valuer?

An API certified property valuer is an industry expert that has been educated and trained in valuing real property with the Australian Property Institute (API). As such, a certified valuer can provide accurate and transparent valuation reports across residential, commercial, and industrial property types.

A certified property valuer is duty bound to perform independent, fair valuation reports that meet the ethical and procedural standards. In turn, an API certified property valuer is one of the most highly regarded property valuers in Australia that is able to provide reliable advice based on industry expertise and extensive due diligence.

How do our property valuers determine property value?

There are three main methodologies that our property valuers use to determine property value:

  • Direct Comparison Approach: this methodology will use local comparable sales of similar properties in the local area to determine value. This is the most commonly used methodology when valuing property.
  • Summation Approach: This approach is only used by API property valuers as a secondary check method. It will involve calculating the replacement cost value by depreciating any improvements by its age and applying this against underlying land value.
  • Capitalisation of Net Income: This methodology is reserved for commercial properties and can also be used in addition to the previous methodologies. The property valuer will use the net rental income of the property and capitalise this figure at a rate of return sourced by local comparable sales.

What is the difference between a bank valuation and a property valuation?

Both a bank valuation and a property valuation seek to determine the value of a subject property, however, a bank valuation aims to minimise risk.

A bank valuation is completed by a bank valuer to ensure loan security and is completed based on the interest of the lender. As such, a bank valuation will often lean towards a more conservative value should the loan be defaulted in the future.

A property valuation is a certified document that aims to seek the fair market value of the property based on quantifiable evidence and objective data. In turn, a property valuation is conducted by an independent valuer without of conflict of interest or bias.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a property valuer?

A real estate agent is a professional specialising in the buy and sell process of any property type. A property valuer on the other hand, has been trained to value real property and can provide a comprehensive report based on industry expertise and extensive research.

A real estate agent can only provide an estimated value based on their belief of what the property can sell for, can carry bias, and cannot provide a certified report. A property valuer will complete a valuation with the sole purpose to determine the fair market value without any kind of conflict of interest.

What do our property valuers research when conducting a valuation?

When completing a property valuation, a certified property valuer will complete extensive due diligence on the property, its location, and the surrounding property market. This will include key details such as underlying land value, zoning restrictions, and any ancillary improvements.

In addition to this, the property valuer will also investigate other influential factors such as environmental risk factors, local comparable sales, and proximity to public transport and amenities. In turn, a comprehensive analysis will be completed based on objective data and evidence.

Industry qualifications.

Valuations VIC and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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Our Valuations Comply With

Melbourne Property Valuations State Revenue Office of Victoria
Melbourne Property ValuationsSupreme Court of Victoria
Melbourne Property ValuationsFamily Court of Australia
Melbourne Property ValuationsMagistrates Court of Victoria
Melbourne Property ValuationsThe Foreign Investment Review Board
Melbourne Property ValuationsThe Australian Department of Home Affairs
Melbourne Property ValuationsOwners Corporations Act 2006 (VIC)
Melbourne Property ValuationsOwners Corporations Regulations 2007 (VIC)
Melbourne Property ValuationsSubdivision Act 19988 (VIC)
Melbourne Property ValuationsAustralian Taxation Office
Melbourne Property ValuationsAustralian Property Institute (API)
Melbourne Property ValuationsThe Valuer-General Victoria
Melbourne Property ValuationsAustralian Institute of Public Accountants (AIPA)
Melbourne Property ValuationsInternational Valuations Standards (IVS)
Melbourne Property Valuations Accounting Professional Ethical Standards (APES)

Key Accomplishments

Property Valuers Melbourne

We provide quality valuations and extensive valuation reports for business, across all property types, and any plant and equipment requirements

Property Valuers Melbourne

We have valued multiple mixed-use commercial properties within the CBD valued over $10 million

Property Valuers Melbourne

We have completed valuations on many residential properties up to the value of $15 million, within the most elite suburbs of Melbourne such as Brighton, Middle Park and Toorak

Property Valuers Melbourne

We have valued of plant, equipment and machinery, across many specialised industries including mining, farming, business up to the value of $20 million

Property Valuers Melbourne

We have valued many commercial and industrial properties, including mixed use, large scale buildings across Victoria up to the value of $12 million

Property Valuers Melbourne

We have completed property valuations for numerous purpose specific sites including prestigious private school campuses, conference centres and museums

Property Valuers Melbourne

We have valued properties listed as protected on the Victorian Heritage Register

Our Statistics

$ 5.59 billion

Residential property valuations completed

$ 6.23 billion

Commercial and industrial property valuations completed

$ 4.28 million

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I am very pleased with the level of service I receive each time from the valuers and team at Valuations VIC. Over the years I have saved money and avoided expensive mistakes thanks to the quality advice and accurate valuations. A wealth of property knowledge behind the valuers here! – Wesley Jones, Melbourne Property Investor