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Garden, greenery, woods, flowers, fruits all these things give us a sense of serenity, beautifulness and these things keep us close to nature. As we are living in the highly urban and concrete developed areas where spending some time in the green garden keeps us mentally and physically relaxed. What if you get a beautifully maintained garden in the front yard of your home? Definitely, you want to grab the opportunity of buying that home. Yes, a study reveals that - “Buyers are more tend to buy a home with a garden.”

So the good news for home sellers, work upon your garden to make it more attractive and convert into a more enjoyable place thus you can easily fascinate more potential customers towards your property. Even you can hire a Melbourne property valuers to know - How garden adds more to a house.

Don’t forget your first impression is the everlasting and your house first impression comes from the groomed green garden. Sprucing up the front side of your house via garden is the best way to increase the value of your home. Here is the list of the few tips or steps you should adapt to make your garden eye catchy.

Keep it clean and tidy - Before putting your efforts into making it beautiful. First, make it clean and tidy. Declutter the rotten leaves, remove weed, racking up loose flowers and leaves, mow the garden, keep your plants in the shape, remove the broken flower pots. Keeping the garden clean and tidy gives a fresh look and adds a value to the house.

Make it spacious - After removing the unwanted things, try to make your garden more spacious. Don’t keep the big objects and garden equipment like (hoe, shovel, spade, mattock, lawnmowers etc) in the garden which occupies the more space. If you think your garden space is too small you can decrease the number of plants and flower pots in the garden. Even you can choose the fencing which makes the garden more spacious.

Spruce up - Well groomed garden helps to bring the attention of the buyers. Add the beautiful and colorful flowers in your garden. Paint the fence with sheds with colorful colors which makes it impressive and elegant. Keeping water fountain in the center or side of the garden area is also a great idea to make more appealing. If you have money to invest in the home than adding playpark or jacuzzi is also a good idea.

Add the furniture - Try to convert your garden into a partial living room where people can sit and have their morning tea or coffee and enjoy reading the newspaper in the sunlight and fresh air. Place the furniture in the garden where people can sit and relax. Remember you are not only adding furniture you are adding more value to your house.

Add plants and trees - Study, do research or ask your gardener find the trees and plants which requires less maintenance cost and time. Making garden free from high maintenance cost can be an attractive way to entice potential buyers. Add beautiful pots and baskets to your garden you increase the beauty of your garden.

These are the sure-fire tips to improve your garden area and add value to your house. This is an undeniable fact that the garden helps to increase the curb appeal of the home and well-maintained garden can add much value to your home.


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