Why to choose a ready-to-move-in flats over an under-construction property

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Buying a home is a tedious task for the buyers and as it brings fear, confusion, and excitement altogether. It’s not an instant decision we can make, buying a home needs research and deep planning. The biggest confusion in front of the first home buyers is whether to opt for ready-to-move-in homes, flats or under-construction flats. Well, you can hire a residential property valuer for guiding you in making the crucial decision.

For those who are confused and unable to make the choice between the ready to move flats and under construction flats Here in this blog post, we have disclosed the reasons why ready-to-move-in flats are better than under-construction property.

Giving you the general advice if you are a first home buyer or buying the home for the first time then ready to move flats are the best option for you. And if you are buying a home for investment purpose then you can choose under-construction property as an option.

According to the residential property valuer - “No doubt that the benefits of the ready-to-move homes are more than the under-construction property. As the cons are more than pros of an under-construction property.”

Advantages of ready-to-move-in homes/flats -

See and get it immediately - Ready-to-move homes offer the best chance to buy what you have seen and felt in the home. There will be no uncertainties and visualization. Read-to-move flats give you a chance to closely inspect the room size, a building material used, view from the gallery or balcony, available amenities and more. Whereas Under-construction flat would not give you such opportunity.

The prime benefit of having a ready-to-move-in homes is that buyers are completely aware of for what they are buying and for what they are paying. There is no display of sample or dummy flats and floor plans. Also, buyer would not have to wait for its possession as the name suggest ready-to-move that means it gives a chance to the buyer to buy it immediately and become the owner.

Know about amenities and neighborhood before purchasing - While making the big decision like buying a home then location comes into picture after that neighborhood and amenities. The ready-to-move homes give a chance to understand the community and neighborhood well. Ready-to-move buyer can also check the security majors and infrastructure of the building and area before buying the property. Whereas in under construction flats you miss out these advantages as you don’t know who will be your neighbor and what will be their behavior. Never forget neighborhood puts a direct impact on your lifestyle.

Save your money - If you choose a ready-to-move homes then you immediately get the possession of the property thus you need not spend on both i.e - a new home as well as on a rental accommodation. Whereas in case of buying the under-construction property you have to wait till you get the possession and during that period you have to pay the rents and EMIs both. Which means double expenditure.

Hence residential property valuer suggests having a ready-to-move home or flat over the under-construction building.

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