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Property valuations Melbourne is one the best property valuation services provider in Melbourne. The valuers are registered from API (ie. The Australian Property Institute, which is the leading institute for property professionals). They are well trained, certified and having years of experience.

Property related disputes are quite often but when it comes to family, it becomes sensitive matter. To resolve such issues is important but it needs proper property valuation figure which should satisfy each property holder.

Well, mostly these type of cases are handled in family law courts but they too need rightvaluation figures to draw any decision or to reach any conclusion. Here to resolve the family property disputes you needproperty valuers Melbourne.

Melbourne property valuers provides impartial and independentproperty valuation services which is required the most in family law court and legal purposes.

Here we are listing why you needproperty valuation at the time of family property disputes or property settlement -

  1. In order to reach on a conclusion of property distribution.  
  2. At the time of family separation or marital issues, you need property valuation to resolve the matter.
  3. If family law court asked you to have an independent valuations of properties.
  4. To sell the family or ancestor’s property and to divide the money among property.

Property valuations specialist and experts likeproperty valuers Melbourne can provide a fair and accurate assessment of the value of jointly owned property which helps family law court to resolve matters easily and effortlessly.

Well, there are certain methods ofproperty valuation are available. Family law court doesn’t suggest which one to opt. The property valuation methods are -

  1. Sales comparison method.
  2. Income capitalization method.
  3. Cost calculation method.

When both the parties are fine with the valuation figures evaluated by theproperty valuer then the court never asks any question. Whereas when parties put any objection then court goes into deep investigation ofproperty valuer - “How they have evaluated the property value?”

Here we will explain both the scenario in detail -

  • Parties agree on property value - When both the parties who are involved in property disputes agreed on the value estimated byproperty valuer then court accept the valuation.
  • Parties can’t agree on property value - When both the parties are disagree with the property valuation then they court will ask the valuer  to give a sworn valuation which proves that the given valuation is accurate.

We have qualified, registered valuers who can handle difficult time of family separation well. They are expert in handlingproperty valuation professionally and sensitively. Also providesproperty valuations report which follows the family court’s guideline.

For the accurate property valuation service contact property valuers Melbourne.


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