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Property valuations, an important part to be done before buying or selling the property. The process is easy to hire a property valuer and ask to inspect your subject property to find the right market value of your property. But here in between all this, you should inspect your property first before calling the property valuer. It is good to inspect the property well and find the problems associated with it and resolve it to get the increased value of your property.

Being a buyer should check the property and then take your decision, it is worth buying or not. And if you are a seller or homeowner, then also you should check the property on the behalf of this checklist and get the right value of your property.

As property comes in all shapes, size, and design, it is easy to miss out the problems. This checklist will help you find the property associated issues more precisely.

Here is the property inspection checklist that you should have -

Health is well - Check the health and sanitation status of the property. House is the place where we can live comfortably and easily.

  • Proper plumbing with no leakage.
  • The smart drainage system, with smooth working inside and outside.
  • Working ventilators and exhaust fans.
  • The property should not have hazardous debris.
  • The property should be cleaned at right domestic standards.

Make sure there is no stain on ceiling or floors as well as on toilets seats and washbasins. Stains put bad impact and indicate dirtiness which leads to illness. Check the tabs are working or not, water pressure and all. A property should be neat and clean which exhibits hygienic.

2. General checkup - Who likes the deteriorated and destroyed property. Nobody, so during inspection keep an eye on the wear and tear of the property things and try to fix it soon.

  • Check the doors and windows are in working condition or not.
  • Check floors and carpets are well maintained.
  • Check the furniture condition properly.
  • Walls should be well painted with light colours and cleaned.
  • Check door locks are working.
  • Check the appliances working appropriately.

Floors should not be sloped, and tiles should not be broken position. Otherwise, it may disappoint the potential property buyers. Change the carpet if it is in a dirty position.

3. Legal checks -

  • Working smoke alarms on each floor.
  • Proper provision for air, water, sunlight, and electricity.
  • Electric appliances and fittings are working properly.
  • Access to emergency doors and exits.
  • Stability and durability of the building structure.

Finding errors in the property house can save buyers from making the wrong decision and an owner can fix those problems to increase the value of the property. Property valuations from the expert property valuers is necessary. The checklist will help you to correct the errors before property valuation.

By conducting the thorough inspection the buyer can save on costs and eliminate and select a potential property or house for purchase before paying for experts like property valuers, house valuers, land valuers.

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