Know the importance of location in the real estate property market

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The most important aspect of the real estate property is ‘location’. Every time when it comes to buying real estate property for own use or an investment purpose - Location becomes imperative. Home valuer often says - Better to purchase a bad property in good or prime location than to buy a good or nice property in a bad location.

Even you may have heard people saying real estate property is all about - Location, location and location. Absolutely right. Read ahead to know why?

Here in this post, we are explaining the factors that put a great impact on property location -

Safety and security - Human want to live in a place where they can feel safe and secured. Safe means area should be free from crimes and natural disaster. Home is the place where we can disconnect our-self from this worldly world and It should be safe and secured one. Location should be crime free, it should not prone to natural disaster at all. Being an investor you should not buy a property in those areas as it makes your task of finding the tenants and buyers difficult for properties at such location. Though it might possible you can get those properties at low price. But ideally you should not buy properties at such location.

Near schools and hospital - Homes near the schools and hospitals are less prone to crimes and more safe. Home near the schools and hospitals are the first choice of the renters and buyers. people find these homes are at good location. Families with children and oldies prefer such homes as reaching to these places will be easier for them.

Near workplace - In this fast-paced world, most people hate commuting and thus to avoid such situations they prefer to have a home near their workplace or in the job area. It’s good to buy an investment property near the workplaces or job companies hub properties in these locations yield good rental opportunities for the landlords or investors. Even homes near college area can get students as tenants or PG’s to earn good rental income.

Eyes catchy views - Who hates nature? No one. Everyone loves to see the greenery and rising sun with flying birds under the blue sky. Property with beautiful scenic views is liked by many people. We all have dream to have a home surrounded by beautiful environment. Properties with rising sun view, hill view, sea view costs more as the demand of these properties are high cause of prefect location.

Availability of public transport facility - Many people can’t afford to have their own vehicle or like to travel in public transport like bus and trains. Such people prefer the homes which have proximity to the bus stop or railway station. Thus homes near the transport facility available are liked by the tenants. As it makes their life easy. An owner can easy get tenants for such properties.

These are the reasons why location plays are vital role while selecting the real estate property. For more information hire a home valuer. For best home valuation services you can contact us.


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