Can an architect work as a property valuer?

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Yes, an architect can be a property valuer. But if you want to know how they can be - then read ahead.

Basically, these are the two completely different professions. Both professions have their own roles and responsibilities and working methods. First, understand what they are -

How to become an architect?
To become an architect one has to pursue the architecture course offered by the various universities after completing school. That is followed by masters in architecture.

What is architecture, and roles of an architect?
Architecture is the subject that demands creativity and a practical understanding of building structures and materials to create or develop concepts, designs, plans, specifications and detailed drawings for structures & building.

An Architect is a person who designs the buildings and has the ability to supervise the construction. They inspect work that has been carried out by builder or owner.

Skills an architect should possess -
Skills to be an architect is - design aptitude skills, creativity, ability to analyse the problems logically and requirement of the clients, good communication skills,

How to become a property valuer?
To become a property valuer first you have to complete a VOC qualification in property valuation services. One can study property economics or property valuation too to become a valuer. There are various colleges and universities are offering the valuation course. After completing the course a valuer can apply for membership of AVI i.e Australian valuer institute and after working in the field for few years one can get the CPV i.e certified practising valuer accreditation.

What is property value and roles of a property valuer?
Property valuer is the person who determines the actual value of the property, and land. Property value is the estimated value of the subject property keeping the market conditions and trends into consideration.

Qualified property valuers are employed by valuation firms and company, real estate agencies, auction houses, money lenders and financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, and building societies. Also, a valuer can have the opportunities for self-employment.

Valuers are the people give advice to the individual and businesses to sell, buy or rent the property building and land. They are the one who evaluates the right value of the property and provides the property valuation report too which is the complete theoretical report widely accepted by the government.

Skills a property valuer should possess - Good communications, analytical, observation and judgemental skills.

What is the difference between both?
Architecture course gives the idea about each and every terms and field associated with it like - Civil engineering, Interior designing, Vastu shastra, property valuation and all. In short architects are the jack of all and master of none. They can evaluate the property value if required. But their specialization is not in property valuation services. For this, they have to clear some exams to get those certificate to works as a property valuer. Whereas the property valuers are the qualified professionals who are certified one and finds the right value of the property.

Planning to construct a new house, then contact an architect, Want the valuation services, hire a property valuer. Our experienced property valuers are happy to help you.


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