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Boost your property’s value with green garden

Garden, greenery, woods, flowers, fruits all these things give us a sense of serenity, beautifulness and these things keep us close to nature. As we are living in the highly urban and concrete developed areas where spending some time in the green garden keeps us mentally and physically relaxed. What if you get a beautifully…

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It’s easy to find a dream home now. Read how?

Home comes under one of the basic needs of a person. Buying a home is every one’s dream. Home not only provides you shelter but owning a home gives you a sense of satisfaction and often considered as status symbol in the society. Well, with help of property valuers Melbourne one can buy right home….

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Know what real estate investor needs to know

Here is the good news for real estate investors. Those who are in the search of what a real estate property investor – should know? or what is essential for them to know? Here we are trying to help the real estate investors so we are revealing the points which a real estate investor should…

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Here are the real estate investment strategies for an investor

Everyone wants to earn money and finding profit-making strategies to make more money. And real estate investment business is one of the most profitable. People are interested in investing money in real estates because they found this business can quickly help them to churn out the money in the best possible way. If you too…

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Hire the property valuations Melbourne to resolve the family property dispute

Property valuations Melbourne is one the best property valuation services provider in Melbourne. The valuers are registered from API (ie. The Australian Property Institute, which is the leading institute for property professionals). They are well trained, certified and having years of experience. Property related disputes are quite often but when it comes to family, it…

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Things you must know about smart home buyers

Buying property is emotional gratifying. It’s a dream of many and every. People love to possess their own property this gives them a sense of ownership and satisfaction. Ideally buying home or property should be a rational process but unfortunately it is emotional process. Which leads to wrong decision sometimes. One must take advice from…

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Flipping properties need these renovations

Undoubtedly, house flipping is the best way to make money. As profit margins are high when you choose house flipping property investment method. You renovate, improve the property and increase its curb appeal and overall value of the property to attract the buyers. To become a successful property investor and to earn money quickly you…

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Sure-shot tips for property research

Planning to jump into the real estate property business to make more money then pull your belts tightly you have lots of work to do. Yes, if you are naive then you have to do research about everything from best hotspots to suburbs, from capital growth to vacancy rates, from rental values to selling prices….

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Know the importance of location in the real estate property market

The most important aspect of the real estate property is ‘location’. Every time when it comes to buying real estate property for own use or an investment purpose – Location becomes imperative. Home valuer often says – Better to purchase a bad property in good or prime location than to buy a good or nice…

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Give an all-new look to your backyard with these little efforts

Ideally, every space and corner of the home carries its importance. You shouldn’t ignore the importance of the backyard just because it is in the back and you feel your front yard and home is sufficient for you. Believe us or not you can use that dead backyard into appealing and best place of your…

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Which one to choose while looking for a rental home: City or Suburb

Rental homes give you an ease to relocate. As relocation grants you an opportunity to live in a new place, in a new community. So while finding the new rental home the thing that pops in the mind of tenants is where to look for a rental home? A city or suburb. As location holds…

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Why to choose a ready-to-move-in flats over an under-construction property

Buying a home is a tedious task for the buyers and as it brings fear, confusion, and excitement altogether. It’s not an instant decision we can make, buying a home needs research and deep planning. The biggest confusion in front of the first home buyers is whether to opt for ready-to-move-in homes, flats or under-construction…

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Lesser known facts about the property price

Well, if you are planning to sell your home then you must know which factors affect your home’s price. Usually, you do a lot of efforts to increase the value of your property. You can hire a home valuer for home valuation services and know the exact value of your property. Here we are going…

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Time to ameliorate your home that too in low budget

It’s not necessary that the home we live in matches our dream home. The reason can be any – like we got a home in the best location in the city so we dropped the idea of our dream home or it might be possible that our pocket is not allowing us. So no matter…

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One real fact about property valuation service, no one is talking about

Believe it or not, expert’s advice is valuable in every field. As you cannot do all the task by yourself you have to hire some professionals and take their advice to get your work done correctly. Whether it is hiring a property valuer for your property valuation services. Hiring a property valuer is important. As…

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Can an architect work as a property valuer?

Yes, an architect can be a property valuer. But if you want to know how they can be – then read ahead. Basically, these are the two completely different professions. Both professions have their own roles and responsibilities and working methods. First, understand what they are – How to become an architect? To become an…

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The Home Improvements That Will Bring the Most Value

Deciding to do a renovation is exciting, especially the planning and dreaming phase of the project. If you are doing a renovation with the hopes of selling at a profit, you need to decide where your budget will give you the best return. Some projects that you think will increase your home’s value do not…

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How to request a rent reduction

Victoria has suffered the worst impact from the Coronavirus lockdowns, with the state’s capital, Melbourne going into a stage 4 lockdown on the 2nd of August. The state has not yet come out of lockdown which has had significant economic consequences. Although Victoria’s property industry has been surprisingly resilient to the Coronavirus restrictions however that…

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Know which property types are least favourite for the banks and lenders

Banks and money lenders are the ones who provide the money to buy your dream home or property. It is a very sensitive matter to think about because if lender or bank approves the loan application then you can buy the property otherwise not. Make sure that property that you want to buy liked by…

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This property inspection checklist will surely help you before property valuations

Property valuations, an important part to be done before buying or selling the property. The process is easy to hire a property valuer and ask to inspect your subject property to find the right market value of your property. But here in between all this, you should inspect your property first before calling the property…

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Some real facts about real estate property market

Real estate property is consist of property, land, and buildings. Real estate property value is estimated by an expert property valuers which helps owners, buyers, sellers, when where one should make the investment in real estate property. There are four categories in which the real estate property has been divided. First is residential property –…

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Know the importance of the property valuation and its methods

Thinking of property valuation is like a big expenditure? Then you are completely wrong. It is an investment knowing the actual value of your property which is beneficial for you from various aspects. Whether you want to sale the property, purchase any property or want to keep it on rent. The value of your investment…

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